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Because of the last minute cancellation of the 2013 Targa Florio, we reached out to Club 1000 Miglia in Brescia and were lucky to be invited to take part in the 2013 Coppa Franco Mazzotti.  This was sold to the co-driver on the basis of a stay in our favourite chateau in France and that the lunchtime stop on the Saturday was to be at the “largest outlet village in Northern Italy”.

This race can trace its routes back to 1940, and was often combined with the Mille Miglia in the early post-war years.

As time was so short, we had no time to arrange transport, so we elected to drive dorectly to Brescia in the Bristol.  We overnighted in Switzerland and arrived fairly relaxed on Friday afternoon in Brescia.

Signing on was a bit of a problem as the organisers assume that all competitors know where to go.  Suffice to say that when we eventually found the correct place, we had under 30 minutes to go before they closed.  Registration was further complicated by the driver forgetting to pack his UK driving licence!  After a lot of discussion it was decided that the navigator should be registered as driver and I was reassigned to navigator.  Luckily we had brought both our ACI driving permits from the Mille Miglia the previous May.  So we were finally allowed to complete registion.

The Friday evening event is run around Brescia, itself.  And the rules are that when you have completed the course, you then set off and do it all again.  For both times it is against the clock, and the winner is the one closest to the targetted time and has the least time difference between each run.

Our first run got horribly entangled in the Brescia rush hour, leaving us no time to complete the course.  The second run, straight afterwards, was a perfectly clear round.  What a difference 20 minutes makes.  But it was all in vain, because we had failed to make the time on the first run.

And so on to the the evening buffet which was very welcome.

Saturday morning arrived with a steady fall of rain.  The start for this day was from the Mille Miglia Museum, the usual holding place in advance of the Mille Miglia each year.  As the weather was so wet, we stayed inside until it was ready to make a start.

The morning sections were the same format as the Mille Miglia, of timed routes to the nearest minute and then special stages timed to the nearest second.  During the morning, the weather got increasingly better.  So that when we arrived at the lunch stop we were in strong autumn sunshine.

Copa Franco Mazzotti 2013

Friday October 11th - Saturday October 12th

Photographs - Coppa Franco Mazzotti