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This chassis, 400/181, was originally purchased by C A Drenowatz who was the Main Agent for BMW in Switzerland using the company name Radex AG based at Eugen-Huber Strasse 17-19, Zurich.  The company was wound up in the 1970’s.  

The chassis was first delivered to AFN at Isleworth on 3rd December 1947 as a left hand drive, with engine 85A/1109 (as evidenced by the electric choke switch on the dashboard) for onward shipping to C A Drenowatz in Switzerland.

The car appears back at AFN Isleworth at the end of 1949 with the body fitted by Pininfarina.  AFN then converted it to right hand drive and updated the engine by substituting the 3 SU D2 carburettors for 3 Solex 32BI units, turning it into an 85C engine.

The dashboard still had the left hand drive cut out, but was missing the chrome finisher around it, this having been transferred over to the new right hand opening.  A St Christopher badge was screwed over the left hand cut out to cover the missing chrome trim.

Finally, it was registered to AFN Isleworth on 27th February 1950.

It was then shipped to the Bristol dealer in Leeds, Bolton Motors, who registered it on 13th March 1950 to G F Hanson, Managing Director of Fredericks Ltd, a textile company, at Commerce House, 41 Briggate, Leeds 1.

400/181 was kept by Mr Hanson for twelve years, re-registering the car as his own on 10th February 1956.  During his ownership it suffered a holed piston in 1957.  Given the option of an engine rebuild or a replacement engine, Mr Hanson opted for the replacement engine (85C/1971) which is still with the car.

Peter Bolton repurchased the car on 19th April 1962 for his own private use, registering it with 1 PRB.  He then owned the car for over forty years, finally taking it to the Isle of Man on his retirement in 1988.  

A short history

We have owned this Bristol since  2005.

During our ownership, we have travelled to Italy, the South of France, Corsica, the Isle of Man, and it has been shipped to New Zealand for a tour around North & South Islands.

More recently we have been competing in classic rallies, most notably the Mille Miglia in 2011, 2012,  2013 & 2014.  We have also competed in the Targa Florio in 2011, and the Coppa D’Oro delle Dolmiti in 2012, the Coppa Franco Mazotti in 2013 and the Cuervo Y Sobrinos Cup in 2014.  It has been invited to participate in the first Uniques Concors d’elegance in Florence in 2010, the first Warren Clasic Concours and the Salon Prive Concours in 2013 and the first Salute to Style at the Hurlingham Club, London in 2014.

The car has benefited from a bare metal re-spray and refurbishment of the mechanical components.  The only change has been the fitting of a correct period overdrive.

Our ownership

1949 Bristol 400 Farina